ST. LOUIS, MO, (NOVEMBER 2018) . . . Hauser Group Wealth Management, an investment portfolio management firm based in Des Peres, Mo., today announced the introduction of its hourly consulting services designed to help families who have lost a loved one navigate through the myriad tasks and relationships associated with closing out their estate. The new service is specifically aimed at helping the bereaved family member who has been designated as the executor work through the shoe box or mountain of papers left behind in order to identify the specific steps that need to be taken to file final tax returns, resolve any outstanding financial or legal matters, handle the transfer of assets to the designated beneficiaries and capture any relevant documents in a single, secure, online site.

“For many thrust into the role of executor, the prospect of sifting through their loved ones left over paperwork is daunting, and often gets postponed due to lack of time, fear that it will be too complicated for them to figure out or simply too emotionally draining,” notes Mike Hauser, CPA/PFS, a 25-year veteran of the financial services industry. “Our goal is to help ease their burden by sorting through and organizing all the documents, developing a game plan of what needs to be done to close out the estate, file the final tax return and ensure that any assets are transferred to the desired beneficiaries in accordance with the deceased loved one’s wishes.

Hauser leverages a robust online tool called Wealth Vision that helps executors see everything they need to related to their deceased loved one’s estate, all in one place.  It is a private and secure, online location where all the data is consolidated into one clear picture and all-important documents, such as wills, insurance policies, real estate documents, trusts and tax returns can be stored. Access to that site can be granted to other family members to facilitate communication and transparency, as well as to the accountant or attorney engaged to close out the estate.

For those who don’t have an existing relationship with an estate attorney or tax accountant, Hauser can connect them with a professional who can efficiently complete the necessary steps. Because of the advance work and organization done on the front end, clients utilizing the service can expect to spend far less on the final professional consulting fees as the time required for them to complete the filings will be significantly reduced. Hauser himself has specialized experience in inherited IRAs and ongoing trust administration to serve as an ongoing advisor to clients needing those services.

Wealth Vision is essentially a personal financial website that Hauser can populate for the benefit of a family executor and others granted access, while also giving them a tool to continue to monitor and track any inheritance from their deceased loved one. Aside from the digital vault where families can store all their important documents, and access them anytime, from anywhere, within this secure location, information on all financial accounts is consolidated and balances are recalculated in real time as the market changes.  And with a simple keystroke, reports can be printed off to get a clear vision of the complete financial picture.

Hauser is offering a free initial consultation to families interested in learning more about Wealth Vision and how it may be able to help ease the stress of closing out the estate for a deceased loved one. To see a video overview of Wealth Vision, click here.

Individuals interested in learning more can contact Mike Hauser at 314-822-0344 or email him at To learn more about the new consulting services and for additional information, visit

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